Thursday, November 19, 2009

in & out

here is the link for chris interview,0,4010792.story


so as many of you know, in and out is officially in utah! today was their grand opening and let me tell you, we were excited! Chris was especially excited, and he even got to be interviewed on the news. he did a great job! you can check it out at fox13! He is very proud of it! we went there for lunch and it only took about a half hour..not bad at all. Chris' dad and brothers were a little crazier. they took off work and one brother, Lance, got there at 4 this morning. he was the first in line. his other brother and dad got there around 6:30. they got free hats and shirts for being the first ones there. His dad and his aunt had some quotes in a story that was online. so, the whole warnick family got some fame today! They should though, for how much they love in & out!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Shauna had a really fun Halloween Party! brooklyn was tinkerbell, chris was Peter pan, and i was Wendy! It was such a fun time and Brooklyn looked adorable! Here is the rest of the family also! Devin took off early so he wasnt in the picture...its so fun to dress up!

Happy Halloween

We had such a fun time...Chris carved this pumpkin...lets be honest we are amatuers! brooklyn was so cute we just had to take some of her inside the pumpkin!