Monday, January 25, 2010

A little peice of summer!

We recently got a pass to the Lehi Legacy Center. This will get us through that winter slump where we feel like we have nothing to do and just want to go crazy! Brooklyn loved swimming when we took her, so I think we will be going a lot to get out of the house a get some physical activity going. If any of you ever want to come with us we would love it!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I have not blogged FOREVER! Sorry about that. We had a fabulous Christmas. It is so much more fun having Brooklyn around, even though she has no idea what is going on. She got toys galore from the grandparents that we have no where to put right now. Chris and I did not do too much for eachother because we are saving for our house, which if everything goes as planned we will close on it Feb. 2nd! YAY! We are so grateful for all we were blessed with this past year! There have been a lot of changes with a new baby and moving! I am most grateful for Chris for being the best husband in the world and for being an awesome dad! Here are some pictures of the holidays!