Thursday, March 25, 2010

Photo Shoot With Lisa

Here are some pics that Chris' Aunt Lisa took of Brooklyn. She will be 8 months on the 31st. ALMOST crawling...I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad. We are having trouble at nights. At first she was such a good sleeper. I would wrap her up in this thing called snuggle me(or baby straight jacket) and she would sleep the whole night long. Well she has about outgrown that and now her hands are always waving and waking her up....Last night was the first night i just let her cry. It was hard and I went in there a few times to try to teach her to find her binkie on her own, but she did fall asleep on her own eventually...I hope she learns soon! Any suggestions? Still no teeth...but as cute as ever! Her hair grows the longest on top and that is why she is sporting the cupie doll hair do! We love our baby and she is always so happy during the day...Couldn't ask for a better girl! WE are so excited that it is getting warmer here and cant wait to play outside everyday!

Photo Shoot with Lisa

Sunday, March 7, 2010 of our house!

The office...Finally in its own room and not combined with like 3 other things! We have kinda decorated this in a golf theme, but it still has a ways to go!
The kitchen...YAY more cabinet and counter space!
The family room.
The drapes I made for the living room...I am so proud of them!
The living room
This is the master bathroom. We have 2 walk in closets! Its the best!
Brooklyns Room... Chris' dad made the vinyl lettering. She really is a princess!
Brooklyn's room
Guest Bedroom...Whoever wants to come stay with us can!
Brooklyn's Bathroom. Isn't she spoiled? A bathroom all to herself. All we do in there is give her baths!
So we have been in our house for a month now. We love it so much. It is so much more convenient and we love our new neighborhood. The ward is great, although we still miss our old one. It is so nice to actually have room for everything instead of cramming the closets full.
We would love come on over! We are right off the Thanksgiving point exit, so you dont have to drive clear out in the middle of no where as my brother would say!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


So the past couple nights have been RESTless. Brooklyn has been sick. She has had a fever and a way stuffy nose and seems to have had a little trouble breathing. At first we thought she may be teething because she started drooling a ton. We thought she drooled a lot before, but now she can completely soak her shirt within a couple of minutes. I cant really feel a tooth coming in but that doesnt mean its not there i guess. We took her to the DR. and she said her lungs sound fine but to watch her. Today she seems to be doing better so hopefully this will end soon so we can all have a full nights sleep again. Poor girl...shes such a trooper!