Sunday, March 7, 2010 of our house!

The office...Finally in its own room and not combined with like 3 other things! We have kinda decorated this in a golf theme, but it still has a ways to go!
The kitchen...YAY more cabinet and counter space!
The family room.
The drapes I made for the living room...I am so proud of them!
The living room
This is the master bathroom. We have 2 walk in closets! Its the best!
Brooklyns Room... Chris' dad made the vinyl lettering. She really is a princess!
Brooklyn's room
Guest Bedroom...Whoever wants to come stay with us can!
Brooklyn's Bathroom. Isn't she spoiled? A bathroom all to herself. All we do in there is give her baths!
So we have been in our house for a month now. We love it so much. It is so much more convenient and we love our new neighborhood. The ward is great, although we still miss our old one. It is so nice to actually have room for everything instead of cramming the closets full.
We would love come on over! We are right off the Thanksgiving point exit, so you dont have to drive clear out in the middle of no where as my brother would say!


Sarah said...

You have done an excellent job--it looks amazing! Can't wait to see the finished product in person.

Familly said...

It is beautiful! Love all the pics and I am jealous of all the room you have now! Hopefully we can come c it soon!